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Your Footprints in Flip-Flops

Imagine taking every step in your own footprints. That’s the idea that gave birth to Yooshu. If feet are unique, then why are all flip-flops the same? Don’t settle for discomfort. We scan your feet and can mill flip-flops on the spot. Within 15-minutes, you can walk away in supreme comfort with custom-made and personalized flip-flops.

How does Yooshu get from your feet to the street? Founder Scott Goldie describes the revolutionary process in the video below. Share it with the the footwear fanatics in your life!

The Yooshu team just completed its first Summer tour of Colorado and it was a fantastic success. Unfortunately for you (but not us :-) ) our inventory went faster than we expected. Currently we are refining our systems so that we can handle more customers next year with new styles, colors, and materials.

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Choose a color scheme from a rainbow of options and make your mark with a customized tread pattern.


Step on up and watch your feet scan into our system for the exact proportions of your toes, arches and heels. By individually mapping both feet, we’re able to create the most comfortable shoes possible that fit every trait to a T.


Sit back and watch as your sandals are created in front of your eyes in our state-of-the-art milling machine. In just a few minutes, our robot turns foam into footwear as you enjoy the entertainment. You’ll want to wait as you watch it work!

Start Steppin'

After milling, take hold of our handle and bring your new shoes home!

The Strap

Keep your shoe secure and your style satisfied with our sturdy straps. While we’re starting out with classic black, we’ll be adding more color choices as we continue to grow.


Our most important customization ensures that every customer steps away with the perfect shoe. By using your individual foot scans as a template for your sandal, we’re able to mill the most accurate size, width and arch to cradle your feet. There’s a glass slipper for every Cinderella and a Yooshu for everyone else.

Custom Sole Pattern

Give your soles soul with one of our customized tread patterns. With nearly 100 choices across multiple categories, there’s a picture perfect option for every person. The next time you leave your footprint in the sand, everyone will know who left it.

July 2015 – We’ve just passed our 1,000 pair of Yooshus in Colorado! A Big Thank You to all our Colorado Fans!



To all our customers that supported us at Westfield North County Mall in Escondido, we appreciate you! We learned a lot from the experience in California but we decided to go on tour in Colorado for the summer. Can’t wait to return soon!